arte y patrimonio museos bases de datos diccionarios  y directorios de arte


Pintarte muy de cuba

ciudadpintura  Mucha mucha pintura (español) 

Portaldearte  Chileno, prácticamente todo el arte en Chile y +

arte en barcelona enlaces para aburrirte,  viendo arte en Barcelona

arte en madrid lo mismo pero en Madrid. Todo todo sobre el arte en esta ciudad

arte rupestre una muy buena aproximación al arte prehistórico

El Afiliador  página que promete, haber si cumple..

Insecula Mucha pintura, buen buscador Louvre (Inglés Francés)

uffizi mal buscador (no tiene) e imágenes muy bajas de resolución pero se pueden ... consultar para reconsideraciones algebraicas  (Inglés-italiano)

Compas Buscador del Britis museo pa-que-no te pierdas

helarte es pasar mucho frio unos muy buenos apuntes sobre helarte (español claro)

Serrano  Pintura a la acuarela (Español)

Loli Bernal galería de obras (Español)

Pirates-Sites  Paginas web que se copian el diseño. Aquí puedes denunciarlo y ver ejemplos (Inglés)

Javier Granados  entre Pop-art y nA-if pasando intensamente por el Grunch. mejor verlo (Español)

Sergio Michilini gooooogen después de ser castrado en una escuela de arte Italiana reencontrándose en centroamérica (en Españolini, se entiende vamos)

Fernanda Vallejos  La imposible posición de una cámara de fotos lo puede conseguir la imaginación, neo-bank-house, lástima la resolución de las imágenes. (Español)

Artlex  muy ingles, muy ingles eso es.



Museos de Alemania Museos de Argentina Museos de Austria Museos de Bélgica Museos de Chile Museos de España: Nacionales Museos de España: Andalucía Museos de España: Aragón Museos de España: Asturias Museos de España: Baleares Museos de España: Cantabria Museos de España: Castilla y León Museos de España: Cataluña Museos de España: Ciudad de Barcelona Museos de España: Ciudad de Madrid Museos de España: Comunidad de Madrid Museos de España: Comunidad Valenciana Museos de España: Extremadura Museos de España: Galicia Museos de España: Navarra Museos de España: País Vasco Museos de Estados Unidos Museos de Francia Museos de Grecia Museos de Holanda Museos de Italia Museos de Japón Museos de México Museos de Portugal Museos del Reino Unido Museos de la República Checa Museos de Suecia Museos de Suiza Museums around the World Patrimonio Histórico de Castilla y León Patrimonio Mundial de la UNESCO Rioja Monumental, La  


Art Collectives  Computer Art,

Conferences, Events and Courses

anima A global Cultural Information Source for Integrated Media Applications.
art The Voice of Reason in a World of Chaos.Welcome to Art on the Net! Join fellow artists in sharing works together on the Internet. Enjoy visiting artists studios and roaming the gallerys. ion sources The Birdhouse is loose-knit collective--a platform for essayists and writers, painters and digital artists, surrealists and situationists, ranters and rationalists. We're wide-open to submissions of any kind, so send us your groove. We'll favor the funky. BlackFlame Gallery is a public forum and exhibition space for Artists who may not otherwise have access to this new digital medium. Our colleagues and friends, artists and businesses at The Custard Factory Arts and Media Center. From here we run our business activities including The CustardNet, our Internet services, CONNECTED, and the New Directory of Arts and Media Businesses. This organization extends their support to local artists and crafts-persons in the area.They will showcase different and varied artists and their works from time to time and allow the Internet community to respond to the artist's work. This is a new service and they are hoping to generate an interest both in the local and global community. Peace Troupe is a grass roots collection of artists, performers, and activists dedicated to non-violent conflict resolution. They strive to incorporate the performing arts into their implementations in communities where conflict has arisen. Collection of work by emerging artists, and work by more well-known artists made early in their careers. Each year Light Work invites 12-15 artists to participate in our Artist-in-Residence program. During their month-long residencies each artist is given the opportunity to create new work at the Community Darkrooms photography and computer lab at Syracuse University. Work made by each visiting artist is published in CONTACT SHEET, a journal produced three time a year. An association of writers, artists, photographers, computing experts, and publishers participating in electronic media. RootsWorld provides a low-cost way to get on the net for musical artists and recording labels. Provides information about the Institute for New Culture Technologies and its ArtNet. Getting information and reviewing concerns of various SoftSource products. This server contains information about Cygnus Support, a provider of web sites and innovative pages. Preview the Professional Development Seminars that specialize in teaching multimedia, CD-ROM and Internet Publising Skills. For Schools, universities, and companies. This site offers information about Ann Hemyng Candy, Inc., a chocolate factory that provides Easter chocolates, bits and bytes, even chocolate rabbits with chocolate carrots or jellybeans inside.
This site offers information about Mind Uploading, an exploration of the scientific potential in the science-fiction concept of mind uploading, or the copying a mind into an artificial body or computer. Various technological, philosophical and sociological issues are considered with references and links to related material.

MkzdK East
Insight Resources offers Gaia, Techno-Shamanic CyberArts, prose records of various Visionary Episodes, HipGnosis and the TranceMutation, Gateways to space, science, the Earth, the arts, and various DIVAS of the Web.

Young Inventors' Fair
This server provides information about the Canadian Young Inventors' Fair Society, and the “It's Cool to be Creative” campaign.


ADS Art Design Services
ADS Art Design Services offers creative designs to ad agencies, marketing firms or direct accounts. The available services include illustration, graphic design, creative concepts and Internet dynamics.

Color Matters
Color plays a vitally important role in the world in which we live. The concept of color can be approached from several disciplines: physiology, psychology, philosophy, and art.

Designlink: Online Resource for Creative Professions
Designlink is a San Francisco based FirstClass Bulletin Board system for creative professionals, providing networking and e-mail services to the design and photo communities as well as online resources including reference archives, shareware software, and complete portfolios of artwork from photographers designers, illustrators and other artists.

DesignOnline...under deconstruction
Online service dedicated to the design professional, educator and student, worldwide. OL also provides "fontsOnline" an interactive font catalogue, via the FirstClass Client and Server.

Internet Centre for Canadian Fashion and Design - NTG International Inc.
It's purpose is to help create a presence for Canadian Fashion and Design (featuring all aspects of design including Interior and Industrial) on the Internet and World Wide Web.


Galleries   Galerías


Ashland Cyber Art Gallery
Ashland Cyber Art Gallery offers art from Ashland and Southern Oregon.

Dargate Auction Galleries
This server provides information about Dargate Auction Galleries, which offers auctioneering, appraisal and purchasing services to executors and individuals. Consultation by owners/auctioneers Carol and Larry Farley is available.

Elaine Coyne Galleries
Handcast, hand-forged brass and sterling silver artwear, jewelry and accessories, patina finishes and semi-precious stones. Catalog brings her work to your home.

The Electronic Salon
The Electronic Salon includes original art work. Visual art, music and literary magazines are some of the links included.

Elite Fine Art
Elite Fine Art Gallery is the subject of this site. The art dealer specializes in Latin American Art. There is a list of artists represented and links to various galleries.

Erik Simpson Design
Erik Simpson Design is a studio that specializes in high concept marketing and advertising. The site also contains original Internet art exhibits, links to other exhibits and Blab, a weekly column.

The Holography Homepage
Includes galleries, suppliers, pattern generation on-line and an animation program to FTP. The Dimensional Arts, originator of the dot matrix holographic printer provides service.

Internet ArtResources
Learn about Internet ArtResource. Online with galleries, artists, museums, art publications and art fairs. A searchable index and listings added or updated nearly everyday.

Linda Cannon Gallery
A brand new 2,500-square-foot contemporary art gallery located in Seattle's Pioneer Square. A complete on-line gallery featuring images, resumes and reviews of the 20 artists represented by Ms. Cannon.

Linda's Gallery
Linda Coven and participating artists display a growing, fine arts gallery composed of works by four East Tennessee artists and one artist from South Carolina. Works include watercolors, acrylics and oils, as well as some prints.

Lone Star Art Gallery
Displays photographic images of classic art, space photographs from the Hubble, and exclusive Dallas Cowboy football photos. They are available for purchase online.

Robischon Gallery
The Robischon Gallery displays the works of contemporary artists from all of the U.S.A.

Sandra Morton Fine Arts Balinese Art Gallery
Browse the Sandra Morton Fine Arts Balinese Art Gallery. The works shown are all original paintings created in Bali, Indonesia, by Indonesian artists. Great graphics!

Thompson Art Gallery
Amazing 3D art viewable on the web with glasses you can order. A true art experience.

Graphic Design

Information about 3DSite, which is dedicated to 3D computer graphics and provides an interactive job board and a database of links related to the field of computer animation.

3DWeb: 3D Computer Animation
Resource for 3D CGI. It includes an online job board where individuals and companies can post resumes and find job openings. Some of the many sections link to CGI production houses, or provide access to FTP sites, CGI images and movies and CGI labs.

ACM SIGGRAPH Bibliography
Ohio State University, Columbus OH This page allows simple keyword searches of the ACM SIGGRAPH Online Bibliography Database, a collection of over 16,000 unique computer graphics and computational geometry references.

ACS Design and Telematics Centre
ACS stems and its investment in advanced technology, complemented by independent specialists in all areas of visual communication give the best service for graphic design.

Extensive graphics for the graphic design enthusiast.
More graphics and information about graphic design.

ADA Design Services
Specializing in tool design and general drafting services.

Alchemy Mindworks Inc.
Beeton, Ontario, Canada This server provides information about Alchemy Mindworks, which offers popular PC DOS-and Windows-based graphics applications. Shareware demonstration versions can be downloaded directly. The page includes a complete list of technical books by Steven William Rimmer, including Planet Internet, Bitmapped Graphics and Corel Draw It, as well as references to his fiction.

Alpine View Images
ALPINE VIEW IMAGES specializes in 2D and 3D graphics and animation for all media applications.

Amadeus Graphics
Not everything is done on computer and very often it is necessary to combine different media to achieve desired results.

America House Surface Design
Surface Design America House surface design creates repeating patterns, using both traditional and digital methods to put your pattern on almost anything.

Animation House Home Page
Evansville, IN, US This server offers information about Animation House and its services, which include user forums for 3D artists and animators.

Another Color Inc.
A full-service graphic communications firm.

Antognini & Associates
They are a high quality computer graphic consulting firm. The professional graphic artists have many years experience in CAD-CAM rendering, computer animation, and computer generated graphics.

Arjang Business Services
Arjang Arts & Graphics offers you a complete line of desktop publishing & business set-up.

Beyond the WOW Factor
This server provides a digital portfolio of selected works from “Beyond the WOW Factor,” an international group show that explores oppositions and relationships between digital imaging and traditional fine art practices.'

Boston University Computer Graphics Lab
This server provides information about Boston University Computer Graphics Lab, student graphics consultants who present recent work in computer graphics, information on computer graphics at Boston University, and much more.

C&C Design
Richmond, BC, Canada This server provides information about C & C Design, which creates graphics for the Web and everywhere else.

Confocal Microscope Facility
University of Manchester, Manchester, UK This site contains information about the Confocal Microscope Facility, confocal related software and 3D analyses, links to biology-related pages as well as graphics links.

Fractal Movie Archive
Contains the Fractal Movie Archive, appears in tandem with the Fractal Art Gallery of Mandelbrot sets at CNAM of Paris.

Future Features Syndicate
Future Features Syndicate is a portfolio of graphic artists works.

The Graffiti Wall
The Graffiti Wall allows visitors to make a statement without a spray can.

Graphic Simulations Corporation
Dallas, TX, US This server provides information about Graphic Simulations Corporation, which focuses on flight simulation packages, especially with its four products: Hellcats over the Pacific, Hellcats: Missions at Leyte Gulf, F/A-18 Hornet and Korean Crisis a Hornet mission set. The corporation also develops and publishes entertainment and simulation products for the Apple Macintosh family of 68K and RISC computers.

The Graphics Alternative
Offers specialized support for 3D and 2D graphics to the computer graphics community. The company's BBS features support for ray tracing and rendering packages such as POV-Ray and Autodesk's 3D Studio.

Graphiti, US This server contains information about Graphiti, a service that enables users to create personal designs and have them put on T-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, caps, jackets, mugs, or aprons. Graphiti works with clients to create the perfect personalized gifts or team shirts or other items.

Gravig's Project
Focuses on ITTI Gravigs project and the complete teaching packs Gravigs produces on the use of computer graphics and scientific visualization for scientists, engineers and medical personnel.

Harlequinn Graphics
Specializes in print-media design and color illustration, typesetting and illustrating books, newsletters, brochures, letterheads, CD covers and J-cards. Computer graphics and fine art also available.

Howie Green Design
This print and multimedia server concentrates on graphics for the Web. It also offers Howie's paintings, which are at the Mamboland Art Gallery.

Illuminated Graphics
Provides illustrations, graphic designs and illumination of a variety of manuscripts and writings.

Image Colour Studios
Image Colour Studios is a graphic arts production house. Their services include prepress, lithography, document publishing, high-end duplicating, digital color printing, and screen printing.

Imagex Design
About the design group ImageX, which offers innovative design solutions to WWW graphics, layout, multimedia CD-ROM development, traditional print media and others.

Kaleidoscope Animations, Inc.
A silicon graphics dealer, which provides services for animation needs, hardware, software, rendering and tape layoff or Web services.

KaLM Designs Home Page
Information about KaLM Designs Home Page. KaLM Designs provides design services for new and existing programs on Mac/OS, Windows, and IREX. Graphical User Interface (GUI) design-consulting.

Kev's World
Uploads a daily cartoon in both GIF and PDF formats free of charge, by newspaper cartoonist Kevin Nichols, who has created his own Web page.

Mirical Corporation
Provides information about Mirical Corporation and its EnhancedView for Windows, a photographic management system that includes integrated image capture from video cameras or scanners, image compression, a custom report writer/publisher, and a powerful database.

Net Nation
Access to Net citizens who want a symbol design or window decal. Tap the source to find out more information and how to get one for free.

Pacific Animated Imaging
A custom and retail software developer that uses high quality animations and graphics for custom training and for retail CD-ROM products.

Paula Millspaugh Biomedical Portfolio Center
Access to a portfolio center that specializes in biomedical illustration and computer visualization. The work was created in the University of Illinois, Chicago by P. Millspaugh in the Biomedical Visualization Department.

RayneWaters Studio Arts
One of the only online-ordering graphic art companies in the Pacific Northwest. RWSA specializes in print-media design, color illustration and custom photo-illustration.

RHS Animation
Provides a small collection of MPEG animations made by RHS.

School of Visual Arts
Information about School of Visual Arts, which offers investigation and exploration of the WWW as a medium for artistic expression.

SlipKnot Dial-Up WWW Browser (w/o SLIP)
Graphical World Wide Web browser specifically designed for Microsoft Windows users who have UNIX shell accounts. Its primary feature is that it does not require SLIP or PPP or TCP/IP services. SlipKnot is distributed as restricted shareware, with a registration fee of $29.95 ($20 for individual users outside North America, Europe and Japan).

Towson State University
Towson State University, Maryland US This page contains short descriptions and links to sites on the web that offer animations and movies. This home page for animations and MPEGs was developed and is maintained by Towson State University.

UltraDesign Ltd.
Digital Design Studio, London, UK This server provides information about Digital Design Studio, based in London, which supplies digital artwork services worldwide on the Net.

University of Cincinnati: Experiments on Formal Systems
Univ. of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH, US This site offers a computer graphics exhibition of work related to art and architecture.

UnReal Estate Cartoon
Provides information about UnReal Estate, an ongoing series of panel cartoons which take a lighthearted interpretations of the wording in real-estate listings.

Willow Glen Graphics
This is home to PolyForm, an interactive Web form management utility, and WS Beeper, a command-line driven Winsock mail client.

Words & Images
Words & Images provides technical and commercial writing, hypertext and online help. Words & Images also designs Web pages and does electronic publishing with Adobe Acrobat. The company provides cost-effective Web storage and consultation on Web marketing as a part of its services.

(X)faktor Design
Everything from advertising to photography is offered over this online service.


Frank Lloyd Wright in Wisconsin
Learn about Frank Lloyd Wright, the 20th century's greatest architect. Included are photographs of his magnificent buildings, maps which show you how to find them, and descriptions of the tours at the site. From the Frank Lloyd Wright Heritage Association.


Academy of Media Arts Cologne
Billed as the only arts program in Germany offering courses of study in all aspects of multi-media: Film and Television, Media and Design, Medial Art, and the Aesthetics and Media Studies. Some of the content of this site are in German language-only.

American Center of Paris
This Center encourages exchange between people from different cultures. The focus is on visual arts, film/video, new media, theater, dance, music.

ANU Institute of the Arts Library
The Australian National University specializes in the information for study of the visual arts and music.

ArtFBI - Artists For A Better Image

A non-profit organization collecting and monitoring stereotypes of artists in contemporary culture. It also studies information about artists and their roles in society.

Australian National University
Australian National University is a center for research and teaching. Site details the catalogue, student and faculty activities, and general Australian information.

Australian National University - Institute of the Arts
This site is the focal point for the arts of Australian National University. The Institute of the Arts, Canberra School of Art, Canberra School of Music, Australian Center for the Arts and Technology, and Institute of the Arts library are represented with information about exhibitions, current events, and resources of each. Your one stop shopping for art in Australia.

Banff Centre for the Arts
The Banff Center is dedicated to the professional development of accomplished artists and managers. Site provides artist resources and a rotating multimedia art exhibit.

Bolz Center for Arts Administration
This site is your online guide striving to support and advance the education and training of arts managers, and to celebrate and define the culture of our time.

California Institute of the Arts
Information on the California Institute of the Arts. Site includes applicant info as well as access to the library and departmental resources.

Center for Research in Computing and the Arts
CRCA at the University of California, San Diego looks at applications of computing technology for artistic means. The site provides access to UCSD faculty in the departments of Visual Arts, Music, Theater, Literature and Media to aid in research.

Chicago Academy for the Arts
This site provides a calendar of events, admissions information, information about the department, faculty and staff, and a showcase of summer programs.

Cleveland Institute of Art
The Cleveland Insatiate of Art is a five-year professional college of art and design. General information, on degrees faculty and student life is provided.

Dakota State University - Art History on the Web
Information on different periods in art history.

Detroit Institute of Arts
The Detroit Institute of Arts is the fourth largest art museum in the United States with holdings of more than 60,000 objects. Their Web site includes selections from the collection, as well as updated information about current exhibits.

DIVA - Digital Images for the Visual Arts
Artsite focused on images from Australia.

Dundas Valley School of Art
The Dundas Valley School of Art home page. History and information on the artistically minded facility.

French Institute/Alliance Francaise of New York
This site offers a variety of musical, art and literary events, as well as language course.

Gˆteborgs Universitet - Faculty of Arts
Everything you always wanted to know about Goteborg University in Sweden is right here at this Web site. There are links to your every Goteborg-University-in-Sweden question, believe me!

Glasgow School of Art
Super cool home page of the Glasgow School of Art. (What else did you expect?) Neat buttons link you to examples of various design projects—furniture, packaging, systems, stuff for kids, CAD, and more. Other buttons take you to background information about the school. Yet another button takes you to a photo gallery of students, each with a personal narrative to relate. If you think this all looks like fun, you're probably right.

Graphics Arts Technology at Swedish Royal Inst of Tech
The only school in Sweden to receive your master's in engineering. Minimal 20 students per year admittance. A very prestigious elite school.

Herron School Of Art
This school offers degrees in fine arts, visual communication, art education, and art history.

Illinois State Office of Research in Arts Technology
A index of various resources.

Institute for Research in Art/Graphicstudio
Contemporary fine art workshop and gallery that produce etchings, lithographs and sculptures.

LCCC Multimedia Center
Laramie County Community College's Multimedia Center is an area for the creation of educational multimedia productions. Faculty and staff create programs here that enhance the college and the classroom. Facilities include equipment for publishing CD-ROMs, a digital video production center, digital audio production center, and high resolution color printing. Students have access to this center after completing a series of multimedia courses.

Liffey Arts Research Centre
Learn about a water wheel restoration project and the cutting of the turf, with details and pictures, from this Irish research center.

Living Design/Living Art Center
Virtual Institute for Procedural Art and Design in the new industrial world. Living Design Development is home of The Mouse-Board for NetSurfing and more.

Maryland Institute College of Art
One of the most selective art colleges in the country, and was recently named among the top three visual arts colleges in the nation by U.S. News & World Report. Learn about the campus, programs of study, and the students. See a sample of student work and tour campus galleries.

Michigan State University: Arts and Humanities.
A variety of Arts and Humanities information can be found at the Center for Integrative Studies in the Arts and Humanities, Michigan State University. Linked to many other websites.

MinistËre de la culture et de la francophonie
Contents include news on archeological discoveries, Paleolithic cave paintings in France, and original works and exhibitions.

Minnesota River School of Fine Art
One of the finest private facilities of its kind anywhere for the study of traditional artistic methods and materials. News, Upcoming Events, Jeffrey Larson Gallery, Information for travelers, curriculum and more. and a gateway to additional artistic sites.

Missouri University Department of Art
Department of Art at the University of Missouri at Columbia. Information regarding degrees, courses, and instructors, student activities and events are included.

Ohio State University Department of Art
This Site contains information regarding the OSU Department of Art's M.F.A. program and areas of study, examples of faculty and student artwork, application and financial aid information, and gallery schedules. Links to other OSU WWW and Gopher servers are also included. The OSU Department of Art Home Page is rather "graphics-intensive." While attention has been paid towards keeping the images as small as possible without compromising too much in the way of quality, certain pages may load up slowly. As always, patience is a virtue (and so is a fast modem.)

Ottawa School of Art
Ottawa School of Art complete course catalogs on line. Information about Adult Education and Teen programs. Multiple on line galleries, Student works in Progress. Calendar of Events. A guide to the School of Fine and Performing Arts at Portland State University. Find out about their outstanding faculty in studios and theaters on Portland's South Park Blocks. If you're planning to visit Baltimore, Maryland, stop in at this Web site to check out the calendar of events at Boucher College's Rosenburg Gallery. This education site provides information about the Drawing and Fine Art school at the University of Oxford, UK.  This internationally esteemed school of art and design offers a comprehensive college education centered in the visual and related arts. Its goal: to foster the conceptual and technical education of the artist in a highly professional and studio-oriented environment. All the information you need to decide if this is the place for you.
infoarts.A site for artistic experimentation by San Francisco State University’s Department of Conceptual Design/Information Arts students. Includes online art created by students and a journal of information and diversion. San Jose State University offers you a delightful art history tour. Drop in for your viewing pleasure. An interesting photographic journey through historic world art using cultural or geographic categories to lead your search. Lots of historic and other information is provided for each piece. This art school on the Hobart waterfront in Australia provides facilities for training and research in visual arts and design. Review the types of art created here and the courses offered. It is currently home to three online art projects Pigvision, The Museum of Contemporary Ideas and Talking to the Sun. Connections to art, art history, music, theater arts, and galleries from U.C. Santa Cruz, in California. This server offers a range of information about the Faculty of Arts department at Glasgow University. Arts projects and centers based at Glasgow University are also included, as are links to various other Glasgow University departments.
Lists faculty, department, course descriptions and other related information about this University of Kansas Art and Art History departments. Also a student art gallery for your review.  This site provides information on the degrees offered from the Arts and Administration department, faculty and student research, and other resources of interest to the arts community. A compilation of course syllabi is offered for those interested in enrolling in classes. And links to a visual gallery include works by artists in residence. The great thing about this link is that you can preview the works before a full page is downloaded-it's much quicker and you get to see the same information!  Everything you could ever want to know about USC's Fine Arts department is displayed on their home page. For a good time, take the link to the Matrix program. Student project pages exhibit the scope of the Matrix project: to incorporate digital media into fine arts.  University's division of Art and Architecture home site. San Antonio historical images and School information provided  The University of Southern California's MATRIX program incorporates digital media into fine arts practice. Gallery of work by students in the program. Links to the School of Fine Arts and the USC home page.  The place to learn about the artist community and arts industry of Western Australia. Links to artist’s home pages, a virtual art gallery of the work of various artists, an arts funding game and local bands.


A.R. Designs
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AKEES Earrings
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Amber Jewelry by Yantar
Browse the Yantar Collection of exquisite amber jewelry, crafted by hand and made available online.
American Diamond Exchange, Inc.
Get your custom jewelry right here.
Andrews Gallery
Check out the Indian jewelry on this page.
Harold Jewelry Inc.
Manufactures, markets and delivers jewelry.
Jewelry by Earth Spirit Designs
Contains a catalog devoted to natural stone and glass jewelry, including animal fetish jewelry, suitable for wearing or gift-giving.
KCS Imports
KCS Imports is a major US distributor for photo-engraved 18-karat gold pendants custom made in Italy from photographs. The company also designs and creates jewelry.
NetDiamonds, Gemstones and Jewelry
NetDiamonds, Gemstones and Jewelry is the most exclusive source for diamonds and other gemstones and high quality jewelry on the Net straight from New York City's "Diamond District."
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Tri State Trading Inc. Jewelry
A catalog of costume jewelry.
Mailing Lists and Usenet
Virtual Worlds Mailing List
The Virtual Worlds list exists for the discussion of the creative and Intellectual possibilities of "Virtual Worlds."
The Art Bin
A non commercial cultural art magazine containing classics by Locke, Berkeley, Hume, Smith and Marx, as well as such rare material as the Fragments of Novelis (in German) and Exercises in Style by Raymond Queneau (French). The Art Bin is edited by Kark-Erik Tallmo, tallmo@NISUS.SE.
Art Cellar Exchange
Art Cellar Exchange is a full-service fine art consultancy designed for buying and selling art on the secondary market.
The ArtClass
Pictures created by online artists.
Arts Wire
New York Foundation for the Arts contains information about Arts Wire, a national, computer-based communications network that provides access to news, information and dialogue about conditions affecting the arts and artists.
Calendar of Upcoming Dance Events
These are dance events listings sent in by readers.
Museums and Exhibits
Akron Art Museum
This showcase of the most exciting artists of our time and the recent past, is based in northeast Ohio. It offers new adventures in modern art for visitors of all ages. Come and spend an afternoon. Admission is free.
Allen Memorial Art Museum - Oberlin College
This server offers information about the school, campus life, and admission, especially arts and music programs, plus and other interests.
The Andy Warhol Museum
This is the place to learn everything you can imagine about the most influential American artist of the second half of the 20th century.
Archaeological Museum of Bologna, Italy
This Museum contains important XV century collections of prehistoric, Etruscan, Roman, Greek and Egyptian archaeological discoveries from Bologna and its surroundings excavations.
The Art of David Kastner
Information about The Art of David Kastner and the artist himself preceeds several galleries containing displays of his art.
A comprehensive guide to fine art galleries and museums in Southern California. This complete listing provides names, addresses and phone numbers, as well as area maps that show you exactly where they are located and how to find them. Examples of artists' works and virtual exhibitions are linked directly to the exhibiting gallery.
Aspen Art Museum
A small art museum specializing in contemporary art, located in the first hydroelectric power plant west of the Mississippi.
Beauport Sleeper-McCann House
Background of, tour schedule and directions to this fantasy house and museum in Beauport, Massachusetts. This house contains a gabled and turreted labyrinth of some 40 rooms filled with vast collections of American and European objects, arranged by Sleeper into compositions of color, light, and evocative meaning. A must see for those interested in New England architecture and interior design.
Birmingham Museum of Art
Museum information and hours; samples from current and upcoming temporary exhibits; samples of their permanent collections; maps of the galleries; upcoming events and items available from museum store.
Butler Institute of American Art
America’s museum, located in Youngstown, Ohio! A premier collection of American, as well as a pioneer American art. Includes a great history of this wonderful museum. View works from their permanent and current exhibitions, learn about classes offered,
California Palace of the Legion of Honor
This art museum, which is part of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, is one of the greatest treasures of a city that boasts many treasures. The Legion's permanent collection is most distinguished, featuring more than 4,000 years of ancient and European art-from 2,500 B.C. through the 20th century. This museum contains some of the country's most important collections of European art and artifacts.
Carlos Museum, Emory University
The Michael C. Carlos Museum is located within Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, and serves its community as well the general public. View selections from its permanent collection of over 15,000 objects which span nearly 9,000 years from the prehistoric cultures of seventh millennium B.C. to the twentieth century. The museum also offers special exhibitions, lectures, films, and workshops. A video tour and interactive maps guide you through this exhibit.
Center for the Arts at Yerba Buena Gardens
This center was created to reflect the nation's pluralism and to participate in change, experimentation, debate, and the redefinition of relationships between arts institutions and the community in the San Francisco Bay Are. See their many sites, meet the members, and learn what projects they are currently working on.
Centre Georges Pompidou de l'Art Moderne-Centre Beaubourg
The National Center of Modern Art and Culture in Paris. The Information Highway: Art Galleries on the World Wide Web focusing on the issues of interactivity, Hyper- textuality and accessibility. It also covers the 'art-world' culture. (Accessible in French, Dutch, Italian, English, and Spanish)
Chrysler Museum /Hampton Roads
The Art of Hampton Roads, one of the nation's top twenty art museums. The encyclopedic collection of 30,000 objects spans almost 4,000 years of art history and features a world-renowned glass collection, Art Nouveau furniture, works of art from African, Egyptian, Pre-Columbian, Islamic and Asian cultures and an extensive European and American collection of paintings, sculpture and decorative arts, many of which, in the words of New York Times Art Critic John Russell, "...any museum in the world would kill for."
Cleveland Museum of Art
This world-famous museum has a distinguished collection of art from many cultures and periods. Especially renowned for its Western paintings, medieval European, and Oriental art, the Museum maintains an extensive schedule of special exhibitions, lectures, films, and musical programs. The Museum's restaurant offers full dining and light fare.
Columbia Museum of Art
This museum in South Carolina contains an impressive collection of over 5,000 examples of European and American fine and decorative art representing a time period of nearly seven centuries. One of the most significant public collections of Renaissance and Baroque art in the Southeast. View samples from their galleries, visit their planetarium, and learn about their upcoming exhibition schedule.
Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston
A museum for the art of our time. Founded in 1948, CAM presents changing exhibitions of local, national, and international artists. A great site for interacting with contemporary art.
The official Salvador Dali Museum Web Site. Learn all about Salvador Dali, the museum, and view the beautiful online art collection.
Dallas Museum of Art Online
The Dallas Museum of Art Online features an events calendar, location maps, membership information, images from the Museum, views from the Museum's Sculpture Garden, and information about the Museum's Libraries, Teacher Resource Room and other Museum Resources.
David and Alfred Smart Museum of Art
The fine arts museum of the University of Chicago, opened in 1974. This jewel of a museum houses a permanent collection that began in the 1890's, the first decade of the University's founding. Now numbering over 7,000 objects, the collection spans five centuries of both Western and Eastern civilizations. The Smart Museum features special exhibitions and educational programming year-round.
de Young Museum
Located in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, the de Young is part of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco and is celebrating its 100th birthday. Find out about the collections currently being displayed and view a sample of the artwork.
Detroit Institute of Arts
The Detroit Institute of Arts is the fifth largest art museum in the United States with holdings of more than 57,000 objects. Information on the museum and its' exhibits is provided.
Dia Center for the Arts-Fantastic Prayers
A New York-based nonprofit arts agency and museum showing recent works from the DCA.
Einar's Gallery
Einar Skjorten's Gallery is an ever-changing page blends art from the worlds of technology and information.
Elliott Brown Gallery
Seattle, Washington gallery focuses on sculptural and decorative glass. Mixed media and a research library of books and videos on glass art are included for your surfing pleasure.
EMMA: Electronic Museum of Mail Art
EMMA is mail art's first electronic mailbox museum where the address is the art, the Web is your key, and admission is free. Their credo: you don't make a living out of mail art, you make an art out of living.
Empires Beyond the Great Wall: The Heritage of Genghis Khan
Gold saddle ornaments, delicate porcelain wares, intricate bronze statues and priceless funeral paintings have recently been discovered on China's last archaeological frontier. This collection of treasures and artifacts from the steppes of Inner Mongolia was made available for the first time in the West this past year at the Royal British Columbia Museum. Lots of great information about Genghis Khan and the culture of that time, and see examples from this exhibit.
Epitome Community Coffeemuseum
Epitome's gallery features many works from Tallahassee, Florida, artists. One can view a variety of different mediums from sculpture to pen and ink; from photography to pastels. View their menu of goodies and java and free WWW access in-house. Make sure to check out this online gallery.
Ert'e Museum Entrance
One of the foremost fashion and stage designers of the early twentieth century, Russian-born Erté, we hailed on his death in 1990 as “the prince of the music hall” and “a mirror of fashion of 75 years”. Learn more about this master and visit a museum of his fashions.
Foxholly Studios Online Art Gallery
Foxholly Studios Online Art Gallery welcomes works by obscure artists. The studio features art shows and offers consideration of submissions by new artists for shows.
Gallery V (For Virtual)
The Virtual Museum at Berea College in Kentucky displays information kiosks, artifact cases, a photo exhibit and a museum shop annex. Subjects include Berea History and, Appalachian Culture.
Gallery Walk
Western Illinois University's Gallery Walk takes you on a virtual stroll through images of more than 400 contemporary artworks being shown in some of the world's leading galleries.
Glenbow Museum
Glenbow is western Canada's foremost center of history and art. Under one roof, Glenbow houses a museum of western heritage, international cultural collections, an outstanding art gallery, and an unparalleled library and archives of western Canadian history. Three floors of exhibition space present exhibits from around the world as well as highlights from Glenbow's collections.
Golden Nugget Museum
This page is mainly Quotes.
Grier-Musser Museum
Relive the charm of Victorian Los Angeles at the Grier Musser Museum. Museum information and address are posted at this site.
Heard Museum
A private, non-profit museum in Phoenix, Arizona, whose mission is to promote appreciation and respect for native people and their cultural heritage. The museum was founded in 1929 and today boasts a collection of more than 30,000 works of art and artifacts, 45,000 pieces of archival materials, including significant papers, books, and photographs, and a membership of nearly 5,000. Now available is The Native American Fine Art Movement: A Resource Guide for teachers.
The High Museum of Art
The museum is touring the World Wide Web with exhibitions including images of contemporary art, 19th and 20th century furniture, American and European painting, African art, folk art and photography. Contains information about the museum's films, lectures, and special exhibitions.
Historical Museum of Crete
A visit to the Historical Museum of Crete will bring to life for you the history and culture of Crete, from the first centuries of the Christian era to our present time. View some of the works in the online gallery.
Huntsville Museum of Art
Located in the Von Braun Civic Center in downtown Huntsville, Alabama. View art from current exhibits, learn about upcoming events and workshops.
Indianapolis Museum of Art
View samples from current special exhibitions, a featured art object and their ongoing collection, and learn about general information about the museum.
Inhoud - Tijd Art Gallery
The Tijd Art Gallery in the Netherlands displays the works of Henri Lannoye, and the collections on display through the Foundation Helan-Arts. Background biographies of featured artists are provided.
Internet Arts Museum for FREE (IAMfree)
Brought to you by Artists for Revolution through Technology, this showcase presents the finest contemporary art in a variety of media: music, photography, video/film, computer art and literature. These arts are presented to the world complete, downloadable and free. The goal of IAMfree is to nurture a new system of the creation, business and distribution of the arts.
The Isaacs/Inuit Gallery
An exhibition of images, including sculptures, drawings, wall hangings and other original works by internationally celebrated Inuit (Eskimo) artists. This display represents the work of an extended community of artists located throughout the vast Canadian Arctic.
Istanbul Museum of Paintings and Sculpture
This museum was established by Ataturk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey in 1937. It features the works of 67 famous Turkish painters, along with some Russian, Italian, Spanish, Polish and French ones. Over 100 color slides can be viewed. You can also get a history lesson about the founding of the Turkish Republic.
The Jerome Johnson Collection
Internet Presence & Publishing, presents samples of the art of Jerome Johnson, a Washington D.C. artist, including pen and ink prints.
Jim Robb's Yukon Studio
Welcome to Yukon Web! This server contains information about Jim Robb's Yukon Studio and its display of the art works by the Yukon artist, Jim Robb.
John Loftus at 70
Hobart and William Smith Colleges Art Department presents a 1991 retrospective exhibition of the work by John Loftus, the artist and professor of art at Hobart and William Smith Colleges.
Knoxville Museum of Art
One of America's newest art museums, as well as a dynamic cultural institution. Twenty exhibitions are brought to this state-of-the-art architectural landmark designed by the renowned Larrabee Barnes. Soon to enter the world of interactive art with ARTcade.
Korean American Museum of Arts and Cultural Center (KOMA)
“The next great museum in Los Angeles.” This center acts as the focal point of Koreatown. View the works of the winners of their annual international design, children’s art, and essay contests. Their virtual museum will be opened soon!
Koshare Indian Museum
A unique collection of Native American art and artifacts located in La Junta, Colorado. This museum doubles as the home of Troop 232 of Boy Scouts of America, the world famous Koshare Indian Dancers. This troop, founded in 1933, has gone beyond the usual Scouting program and has worked to preserve and accurately present traditional American Indian dances, to honor the cultures in which these dances evolved.
Krannert Art Museum
More than eight thousand works of art, ranging in date from the fourth millennium B.C. to the present, can be found in ten permanent galleries located on the campus of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
La Trobe University Art Museum
The complete works of artist Clifton Pugh are located at the Glenn College of La Trobe University, in Melbourne, Australia. It also houses his complete collection of paintings, drawings and prints exchanged with and purchased from his contemporaries.
Le Ministère de la culture
Virtual museum from French Ministry of Culture. For every archaeology lover who wants to study a region, a period of time or a technology, and for higher education and research.
Legion of Honor
Located in Lincoln Park in beautiful San Francisco. Along with its spectacular setting, this museum is housed in an imposing French neoclassical building. Its permanent collection features more than 4,000 years of ancient and European art.
Leonardo da Vinci Museum
Contains information about Leonardo da Vinci, including paintings, sketches, designs, and biographical information about this famous genius. This is a Top 10 view point, so check Leonardo's amazing work!
A Limited Editions Art Gallery
This Florida art gallery contains representative images from more than 80 well-known artists and many respected U.S. art publishers. The user may locate a favorite subject or print through the L.E. Gallery either by using a topic search method or by viewing various artist's portfolios.
Lin Hsin Hsin Art Museum
Check out fun places and nifty items. From visual artworks to poems in The Salon, to the toilet paper and toilet flush in the rest room. Other various overview tours of the museum are available. Enjoy!
Living Art by KK Free
Acrylic on canvas and the amazing performance art called 1,000,001 pennies.
London Musuems and Galleries
An unofficial guide to the Royal Academy, Tate Gallery, National Gallery, the Fitzwilliam Museum and other museums in Cambridge and London, England.
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
The largest museum west of the Mississippi! This international collection of art dates from prehistory to the present day. Provides a glimpse into many of their exhibits, with lots of information on the art presented. Interviews with selected artists are also provided.
Luxembourg Art Museum
A mosaic of art from this renowned European museum. Also links to tourist information about Luxembourg.
Maltwood Art Museum & Gallery
This university gallery features the work students and the Maltwood Collection, an exhibit of fine, decorative and applied arts bequeathed by English sculptress and antiquarian Katherine Maltwood. Located in British Columbia, Canada.
Menil Collection
The museum houses, conserves, and exhibits the permanent collection of John and Dominique de Menil. This varied collection contains works from antiquity, the Byzantine world, tribal cultures and the twentieth century. Housed in the Menil Building in Houston, Texas.
Minneapolis Institute of Arts
The Interactive Media Groupguides us through the fine arts museum and its highly acclaimed multimedia programs, a gallery preview, and an online catalog of curriculum materials.
MIT CECI Virtual Museum (Experimental)
A virtual museum based in MIT’s Center for Educational Computing Initiatives. This is a place where you can both add your artwork and search for artwork using categories provided.
Montclair Art Museum
Housed in a Greek Revival neoclassical building, this museum was first opened to the general public in New Jersey in 1914. Its collection grew out of a fortuitous collaboration among Montclair's turn-of-the-century, self-made aristocracy. This is one of the best assemblages of American paintings held by any institution, large or small.
Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
Collection of paintings, sculpture and decorative art, representing all movements and periods. 26,000 works in its Permanent Collection. Detailed museum history, plenty of commentary and great art to look at.
Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens
The only museum in the U.S. dedicated exclusively to the living culture of Japan. Located in the tranquil pine forests of Delray Beach, Florida, it also offers Japanese style gardens, nature trails, sparkling lakes and ponds, cascading waterfalls and a rare bonsai collection of miniature trees.
Musée National d'Histoire et d'Art
Preview works from the archeology, ancient art, modern art, the coin cabinet, Vie Luxembourgeoise galleries from Luxembourg’s National Museum of National Art and History. Also meet some of the artists showing at the museum. Lots of nice links to other museum-related sites.
This is a project set up to provide a rational orientation to data available on museums, museum technology and related subjects on the Internet.
Museo Morandi, Bologna, Italy
This museum contains reconstruction of Morandi's studio, including personal items and the original furnishings, and his personal library comprising over 400 volumes, his own archives and his personal collection of classical art.
Museum of Art and Archaeology, University of Missouri
Housed in the galleries of this museum are art and artifacts from six continents and five millennium. This collection of more that 13,000 works represent many periods and cultures from prehistory to the present. A calendar of upcoming events and a listing of special programs and projects are provided.
Museum Of Bad Art - MOBA
The Museum of Bad Art is a community-based, private institution dedicated to the collection, preservation, exhibition and celebration of bad art in all its forms and in all its glory.
Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa
Learn all about the national museum of New Zealand. Its history, departments, current exhibits and other related information.
Museum of Television & Radio
Located in New York City, this museum is full of information about and actual programs from both radio and television. Learn the history and development of these revolutionary developments. Look up and watch any program you want at the museum. Soon opening another museum in Los Angeles.
Museums and Galleries at Southern Utah University
Information about the Braithwaite Fine Arts Gallery, Natural History Museum, and Archaeology Repository of Southern Utah University.
Museums in Holland
An overview of all museums in the Netherlands.
Museums We'd Love to See on the Web
Use this online service for WEB users to nominate your favorite museums that you haven’t seen. So come on, take a look. They need your input.
National Building Museum - Washington D.C
The world we build for ourselves-from our homes and offices and factories to our parks, the only institution in the United States dedicated to American achievements in architecture, construction, engineering and designs. It also provides information, education, events and exhibitions.
National Museum of the American Indian
This Smithsonian Museum was established in New York City by an Act of Congress in 1889. Its goal is to “work in collaboration with the Native peoples of the Western Hemisphere to protect and foster their cultures by reaffirming traditions and beliefs, encouraging contemporary artistic expression, and empowering the Indian voice.” Its collection spans more than 10,000 years and represents indigenous cultures of Canada, the U.S., Mexico and South America.
National Palace Museum, Taiwan, R.O.C
Contains the world's largest collection of Chinese arts and treasures. A wide spectrum of events including a formal ceremony, nineteen large and small special exhibitions, one overseas. A special exhibition of seventy restricted works of outstanding calligraphy and paintings.
Native American Art Gallery
This popular Native American Art Gallery (NAAG) server is dedicated to bringing news and information to users interested in Native American art and culture.
New York Foundation for the Arts
The New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) is one of the largest founders of artists in all disciplines. The foundation provides other forms of assistance, including management and information services for artists and their organizations in New York State and across the nation.
Norton Museum of Art
The best art museum in Florida. The collection is particularly strong in the French and American Impressionistic and Post Impressionistic periods and contains a unique collection of Chinese artifacts, ceramics and statuary.
Online Museum of Singapore Art & History
A great online source for information about Singapore, its history, culture and art. Loads to read and see. Some very broad and very topical headings.
Palmer Museum of Art
1995 Winner of Best Research in the Arts and Humanities award at Penn State, Pennsylvania. Includes a private chronological tour of 15 works, dating from 1779 to the present, conducted by a virtual docent! Lots of other great information about this museum and museums in general.
Peabody Essex Museum
Quite a variety of art at this museum! Samples from their Asian Export Art; American Decorative Art; Asian, Oceanic and African Culture; Early American Architecture; Maritime Arts and History; Natural History; and Native American Arts and Archeology collections are all provided for your viewing.
Philadelphia Museum of Art
Exhibitions at this museum focus on individual artists, styles or historical periods and seek to increase the audience's knowledge and enjoyment of the visual arts in general and the Museum's rich holdings in particular. They also have a Division of Education, which provides a wide variety of educational activities for the Philadelphia community.
Portland Art Museum
The Pacific Northwest’s oldest and largest visual and media arts center. Its treasures span 35 centuries of American, European and Asian art with a renowned collections of Native American art, regional contemporary art, and works of art on paper. It also has its own film center, which presents films five nights a week and an yearly International Film Festival. Preview some of the works from current and past exhibitions.
Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts
One of the top museums of Russia. View a beautiful pictorial history of the museum and its collections. One of the best collections in all of Russia.
Ravenswood Studios Fine Art Gallery
International artists are shown and sold through this Santa Barbara, California gallery.
Ringling Art Museum
This Florida State museum houses the rich and varied collections of John and Mable Ringling. One of our country’s premiere collections of seventeenth-century Italian paintings, and five world-renowned tapestry cartoons by Peter Paul Rubens.
San Diego Museum Of Art
This museums include far Eastern, South Asian, Eropean, American, Modern art and prints and drawings.
Santa Barbara Museum of Art
A Southern Californian museum with fine collections of French Impressionist, American, Asian, and 20th-century art; classical antiquities, prints, drawings, and photography.
Sonoma State University - Modern Art
This is the first alumni exhibition organized by the University Art Gallery, and the first of an ongoing series of online exhibitions presented by the Gallery.
Spencer Museum of Art Printroom
This museum now houses nearly 20,000 works of art including the collection of Franklin Murphy and a complete Architecture Library. No admission fee!
Staatliches Museum Schwerin
State museum of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany. Specializing in 17th century Dutch paintings, 650 paintings in a permanent exhibition, and changing exhibitions of contemporary art.
Temple University Gallery of the ARTS
Esther Boyer College of Music brings local artists and musicians of the Philadelphia area to the world. Featured sections include a digital art gallery and a section for local bands.
Teyler Museum
This museum consists of a collections of art and scientific objects, is like strolling through millions of years. Come and enjoy the beauty of this art.
Treasures of the Czars exhibition
This museum has been opened since 1995 and is famous for its Romanov artifacts. This online virtual tour was created to enhance this exhibition.
UC Berkeley - University Art Museum / Pacific Film Archive
As a center for visual culture this museum makes available to its audience the scholarly resources of an eminent university, while bringing to students and the public the best and most challenging art and film produced.
UNC Virtual Museum
The museum is a forum for displaying virtual exhibits and is growing and expanding all the time.
Van Abbemuseum
This collection which includes works by such artist as Picasso, Chagall, Kandinsky, El Lissitsky, Theo van Doesburg, Mondrian en Appel.
Welcome to the Offworld Metaplex Entry Node
The goal of the Offworld Metaplex is to offer unique experiments, artwork and points of interest unlike any other entity on the WWW.
Whitney Museum of American Art
Providing information about past shows at this premier museum for each exhibit, they list its history, sponsors, curators, the exhibitions, films and videos, and press clippings.
William Heath Davis House Museum
This is the oldest structure in downtown San Diego dating back 140 years. Information on tours and events are also provided.
New Wave
BME: Body Modification Ezine
Largest body art site on the Net, covering everything from piercing to tattooing to scarification to plastic surgery to culture to ritual!
Christiaan's Piercing Page
If you’re thinking about embarking upon the journey into Body Modifications, here is an assortment of tattoo designs to choose from.
Cort's Bodyart Page
BodyArt E-Zine dedicated to body art, namely piercings and tattoos, with lots of pictures and essays on the field.
House O' Lust
Rachel's den of iniquity links contains Bodyart, City, State, Country Pages, Food (recipes and playing with), Home Pages/Links, Homepage Creation9, Misc. good stuff, Movies, TV, and Radio, Music, News Services online, psychology/Cognitive Science, Scientists and Skeptics, Sex links.
Misc. Tattoo Info
It's Jesster's Tattoo Page!! Experience all sources of body arts, such as Rachel's List o' Bodyart (and other) Links, Amanda's Bodyart Page, John's Bodyart Page, and APP Newsletter.
Nomad Body Piercing Studio
Want jewelry that caters to tribal aesthetics and consciousness? Nomad Body Piercing Studio may be your answer.
Sexy Non-Piercing Body Jewelry
Guys and gals, if you are looking for sexy jewelry that won't pierce your privates then click your mouse here.
The TatHouse
This site contains pictures of intersting and varied tattoos. Share your tattoos as well.
Artist Blacksmith Association of North America. The site contains galleries of art metalwork and educational resources. It also is a non-profit organization.
American Arts Alliance
The mission of the American Arts Alliance is to be the principal advocate for America's professional nonprofit arts organizations and their publics in representing arts interests and advancing arts support before Congress and other branches of the Federal government.
Art Knife Collector's Association
This association is made up of a group of makers and collectors of "high-end art knives". Their intention is to introduce collectors of other art forms to the fascinating world of investment grade hand-made art knives and swords. Look here for low annual membership rates.
Art & Science Collaborations, Inc.
Is a nation-wide non-profit, members organization. Its members represent an elite group of individuals who are interested in the intersection of art and science.
Artists Against Racism
ARTISTS AGAINST RACISM is a monumental, educational campaign for schools and communities ACROSS CANADA and AROUND THE WORLD where artists serve as role models for youth. Wanna learn more?
Artists for Social Responsibility
Dedicated to recognizing the responsibility that free expression demands.
Arts Foundation of Michigan
The Arts Foundation of Michigan is a 30 year-old independent funding organization that fosters participation and investment by corporations, foundations and individuals to support the creative spirit and encourage excellence in the arts in Michigan.
Association for the Advancement of Arts Education
A detailed listing of educational programs and services offered by professional arts and cultural institutions in the Greater Cincinnati Area; this listing available only to members of the Arts Education Resource Center.
Belfast Art Services
Art services in conjunction with CIRCA Art Magazine and Mikon Communications provide info, articles and exhibitions from the Irish Arts Community.
Bob(c)Net Online
The Internet branch of Club Bob(c), a non-profit arts organization. Our goal is the unorthodox promotion, discussion, creation and execution of the arts, just as in the parent organization.
Canadian Arts Presenting Association/l'Association canadienne des organismes artistiques (CAPACOA)
CAPACOA strives to be a unifying voice for those involved in presenting the performing arts. They take the leadership role to serve their members' needs and enhance their opportunities through communication, professional development and advocacy, and assist their members to integrate the performing arts into the lives of all.
Craft Guild of Dallas
The Craft Guild of Dallas is a place where the heart unites with the hand. To stimulate interest in the crafts, To maintain studios for instruction, To raise the standards of craftsmanship and design through exhibitions and competitive shows.
Cultural Confrontationalists
A necessary reaction to the dogmatism of the entire world around us, from the advertisements that invade our lives to the media that attempts to draw our cultural boundaries.
Dia Center for the Arts
Center for the Arts is a multi-disciplinary contemporary arts organization.
Eli Broad Family Foundation
The Eli Broad Family Foundation operates an educational and lending resource for contemporary art and is dedicated to building a collection that reflects the diversity of our times.
EZTV, a pivotal organization in the history of Los Angeles' Video and Digital communities, bridges the gap between Fine Art and Hollywood.
Friends of The National Endowment for The Arts
Volunteer organization to encourage continued funding and support for the NEA. Individuals and organizations, non-profit and for-profit, are encouraged to participate.
Gathering Of The Tribes
Tribes unites several streams. A gallery, a magazine, a small publisher, a theater group, a poetry workshop, all run by volunteers under the direction of Steve Cannon.
GEN ART - Art of the Next Generation
Not for profit--arts organization dedicated to helping connect young artists with audiences and opportunities through exhibitions, online programs, and community outreach.
Indian Market
Fosters and encourages the development of contemporary and traditional Indian arts.
Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts
It is an umbrella organization for the electronic arts whose membership consists of a wide range of electronic art institutes and organizations, as well as individuals-artists, scientists and other interested parties.
Intersection for the Arts
Thought-provoking, cutting edge entertainment across a wide spectrum of artistic disciplines for 30 years.
Kincardine Arts Council
A non-profit group dedicated to increasing awareness and supporting the arts in Kincardine, Ontario, Canada.
The Kitchen
The "Kitchen" is a hot spot of artistic activity. A hypertext version of The Kitchen's Video Distribution Catalogue Access to theater and art.
Their here to improve public awareness, and encourage artistic expression in a more comfortable atmosphere. They are also in need of volunteers and/or donations of all sorts.
Lavondyss Productions (Art/Writings/Life)
Here is a place mixed with ideas of beauty, life, death, and innocence. True magic happens in the furthest unknown regions, and Lavondyss contains some of this: mythago, madness, writings, photography, and more.
Manchester Index Art Group
A group whose work covers installation, live art, video, site specific and gallery based practice. Includes a comprehensive archive of previous work. A community based organization dedicated to research and development on the Internet and related issues.
Naples Art Association
This association is dedicated to promoting the advancement of education, interests and participation of visual arts throughout the community. They are a non-profit organization.
National Arts Policy Clearinghouse
Is an information service provided free by the American Council for the Arts one of the nation's leading sources for arts info.
Neue Slowenische Kunst
Free floating utopian society formed in Slovenia. Active in music, art, philosophy, architecture, and theater.
Niagara Artists' Company
Catalogue of art, artists, culture and cultural organizations in the Niagara region of Canada. A joint project with Worldwide International Awareness of Center Niagara. Check out their gallery and meet some of the collective members.
Ohio Arts Council
The Ohio Arts Council was created in l965 to “foster and encourage the development of the arts and assist the preservation of Ohio's cultural heritage”. There are a total of 25 different grant programs and five types of service programs operated by the Council.
Portland Revels
A national organization which provides unique opportunities for communal celebration, based in Portland, Oregon. This touring company produces seasonal performances blending traditional music, dance, drama, and ritual from many cultures. Audience participation is also a Revels trademark.
Royal Society of Arts (RSA)
The RSA (Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) is an instrument of change, working to create a civilized society based on a sustainable economy. It uses its independence and the resources of its Fellowship in the UK and overseas to stimulate discussion, develop ideas and encourage action.
St. Louis Artists' Guild
Dedicated to excellence in art for over 100 years. This guild sponsors monthly exhibitions, which include open competitions, annual shows for members, and special exhibitions featuring noted artists, as well as other events.
Sun Valley Gallery Association
The galleries of the Sun Valley Gallery Association feature a wide variety of fine art and crafts by internationally, nationally and regionally known artists. Collectively, the members represent over 500 artists. Evening gallery walks, held once a month during the summer and winter seasons, offer an opportunity to view new exhibitions and visit with many of the artists.
THE THING vienna
An international bulletin board service, based in Vienna, with lists of upcoming shows and related information for artists who are dealing with art and new technologies.
Tippecanoe Arts Federation
A local arts agency for the Tippecanoe region, which supports and promotes opportunities for participation in and appreciation of the arts.
Vancouver Cultural Alliance
An alliance of Theater, Dance, Music, Visual Art, Literary, Arts and Community Service Organizations, Film and Video, and other arts groups in the Vancouver area.
Women's Studio Workshop
A not-for-profit artists organization which provides a supportive working environment for all persons interested in the arts. WSW staff artists coordinate grants, fellowships, and internships to provide visual artists with opportunities to access state-of-the-art printmaking, paper making and photography studios.
YLEM's Art on the Edge
An international organization of artists, scientists, authors, curators, educators, and art enthusiasts who explore the intersection of the arts and sciences. This is their gallery, indexed by media, for all to explore.
Young Audiences/New York
New York's oldest arts-in-education organization offering programs and services in music, dance, theater and the visual arts to students from grade pre-K through 12.
Furniture Painting (customized)
Everything about refinishing and building baby furniture.
Stophire Fire Retardant Paint & Coatings
STOPHIRE FR 2030 is a water based intumescent fire retardant coating designed to be used for interior wall or ceiling surfaces where it is necessary to minimize surface burning characteristics and increase the thermal protection of the substrate.
Andrew Dahley Design portfolio
Andrew Dahley's industrial design portfolio.
Arts Site of the Day
This web site is an archive of The Arts Site of the Day.
The focus of Feline is to represent women's stories, art, poetry and ideas. A highly graphical gallery presents the artwork.
Fractal Movie Archive
The Fractal Art Gallery provides a huge set of fractal animations. Guaranteed to amaze.
Jack Musich Editions
Stylized early-American oils and prints by Jack Musich.
The Peace in Pictures Project
Macom Networking, Ltd., of Tel Aviv contains a tapestry of children's drawings of their perceptions of peace. What does peace mean? What does peace look like?
Steve's Art World
This site is a promotional sales vehicle for artwork created by Canadian artist, Steve Otis.
Allows you to create a greeting card that can be viewed through the Web by friends, family, loved ones and others. New art work is added in time for upcoming holidays. Access to bulletin board and comments section.
David Espinoza BootMaker
Phoenix bootmaker and artist David Espinoza displays samples of hand-crafted boots he has made from various unusual materials.
Etienne Perret
Etienne Perret is an internationally recognized designer known for his innovative and creative fine jewelry. Visit for an online view of his fine gold and platinum jewelry.
Gold Moon Jewelry
Gold Moon Jewelry online shows their designs in contemporary deco, Nouveau and antique jewelry with collector gemstones and precious metals. Jewelry questions answered by their in-house goldsmith.
A company in the production of porcelain stoneware. Information includes the company catalogue and profile as well as examples of Graniti Fiandre references in the world.
Impala Gallery
Imported artwork and gifts. Their online site includes informative text and images along with descriptions of the items displayed.
Acid-free Paper Vollume I #3
This page is dedicated to visual arts and literature with a dash of net-cultures. It has a strong ties with North Bay's alternative art gallery, White Water gallery, and many other artists and writers.
The quarterly of the International Arthurian Society of North America. Dedicated to all aspects of the Arthurian story from its inception in the middle ages to its enactments in the present moment. Merchandises is also available.
Critical Inquiry
An interdisciplinary journal providing the best critical thought in the arts and humanities. Published quarterly by the University of Chicago Press. Links to 20 years of back issues, most of which display cover photos, too!
An online journal for contemporary art and writing based at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Its index includes nonfiction, poetry, fiction, art gallery, multimedia, and local access.
(dreamwindow) a journal of emergent improprieties
Quirky, literate web zine on the arts, science, politics, spirituality, guest rants, commentary, and graphics. This journal was edited by a novelist and hypertext author.
Early Modern Literary Studies
A Journal of sixteenth and seventeenth century English literature. You will find lots of interesting articles, online inquiry and resources, and even interactive conferences and seminars.
The Electronic Visual Arts Journal (eva)
Journal dedicated to the electronic visual arts. Surf their current and previous editions.
An e-zine of writing, art, and new media featuring criticism, fiction, poetry, philosophy, computer graphics, interactive artforms, scanned photography, and drawings. Lots of links to other cool artsy sites.
Provides the electronic version of the print publication FineMedia, which reports on the latest cultural developments in new media.
The Hard Press/Lingo Homepage
A compilation in the world of arts and literature. This home page contains letters, portfolios, jazz, new music, collaborations, translations, poetry, essays, and art work.
Harvard Gay & Lesbian Review
This review widely considered the premier forum for discussion and analysis of contemporary gay, lesbian and bisexual ideas and literature.
Journal of Contemporary Art
An art magazine with interviews, web projects by artists, writing of artists, and portfolios of their work.
Maine Antique Digest Magazine
A monthly magazine for the art and antiques trade covering auctions and antiques shows. Uploadable shareware for dealers and collectors included.
ManuScript: Graduate Journal in English
Academic forum for the graduate community published biannually by the Department of English at the University of Manchester. Call for papers, calendar of forthcoming events, relevant issues.
Marika Communications
A monthly publication for the encouragement of personal creativity, eccentricity and/or enthusiasm. There are exhibits of drawings, paintings and other works by San Francisco Bay Area artists.
A media lightbyte home page features reportage of cultures and not-so-cultures arts, comics, music, technology, and tons of cool stuff.
MFS: Modern Fiction Studies
A scholarly journal of modern and contemporary narrative, theory, and culture. Two general and two special issues published each year by the Purdue University English Department. Links to back issues and other items of interest to MFS readers.
Milton Quarterly
The writings, life and times of John Milton presented four times each year by the English Department of Ohio University. Links to abstracts of the Fifth International Milton Symposium and other sites of interest.
Papers on Language & Literature
A journal for scholars and critics of language and literature published quarterly at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville.
Postmodern Culture
An electronic journal of interdiciplinary criticism published by North Carolina State University, Oxford University Press, and the University of Virginia's Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities. Links to back issues, special collections, and PMC-MOO, the journal's text-based virtual reality facility, a combination conference center and theme park.
Qui Parle: An Interdisciplinary Journal
Literature, philosophy, visual arts, history—an interdisciplinary journal published at the University of California at Berkeley. Links to back issues and other sites of interest.
The Southern Quarterly
The journal of the arts to the South--from the Mason Dixon line to the Caribbean. There are unsolicited articles, interviews, commentary, review essays, portfolios, book reviews, films, exhibitions, and performances.
A newspaper of literary and visual art produced by an eclectic group at University of California, Davis--"valiant warriors in the struggle for interesting reading material"! Covers fiction, poetry, visual art, musings.
Tome of the Literati
The Tome is an organic journal of fiction, poetry, comics, art, screen plays, and reviews. Readers are welcome to submit work for publication.
Valley Spirit Images and Letters Vol. I
An electronic journal for images and letters. Serves as a forum for new and emerging artists searching for a venue in which to feature their work. It presents both the visual and literary arts, two dimensional images, essays, fiction, poetry, and critical reviews.
Describes itself simply as a business with unique links! Sample topics-The Chaos Index, Cybergirl!, RomDog, and the Sarajevo Pipeline.
The World Fine Art Exchange presents ARTLINK, a searchable database of artwork, includes paintings, prints and sculptures by professional artists. The page provides biographical background for each artist and images of artwork available for sale.




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